Birth of a Name

"The name, Two-Spirit, was received by Dr. Myra Laramee, who was supporting a First Nation woman who was advocating to have her children returned. She and her supporters had set up a tipi on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building in the summer of 1990. Myra eventually introduced the name at the 3rd Native Gay & Lesbian Gathering in early August, and the name has since been embraced by many Indigenous LGBTQ people in North America.

"Connie Merasty, (Opaskwayak Cree Nation), is in this particular photo, which was taken as part of the NFB documentary, Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth in Canada. Connie was one of the youth whose lives were portrayed in the film.

"This year [2018] is the 25th anniversary of the acceptance of the Two-Spirit name."

From International Two-Spirit Gathering

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