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Titiesg Wîcinímintôwak // Bluejays Dancing Together is researching the expansive fields of Indigenous Arts and artists across Turtle Island by connecting with Non-Binary, Trans, Queer, and Women artists to learn from their art practices.


We foresee three distinct phases to the project


      The first phase involves connecting with Indigenous artists about their work and interests for          a creative, collaborative gathering. We are currently in this phase.

      The second includes bringing artists together for a gathering based on findings from our              conversations and surveys with artists.

      The third phase is where we will present what we have learned back to Indigenous artists            and their communities through web-based, print, and digital media.


      The potential for a fourth phase will be decided by artists who are involved in any

      previous phases.

      All parts contribute to a larger archive of contemporary Two-Spirit and Indigenous

      Non-binary, Trans, Queer, and Women artists, by and for our communities. 

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